Venue/Hotel/Local Information

The Ohio Star Ball will be held at the Columbus Convention Center and the adjoining Hyatt Regency Columbus hotel. This is in downtown Columbus, just north of the State Capital Building and just south of the Ohio State University. It is also right next to an area called the Short North, which is an area rich in restaurants, shops, and other businesses. A good resource for fine dining in Columbus can be found at the Dine Originals Columbus web site. Please check this web site out for great places to eat in Columbus.

For the Friday and Saturday Ohio Star Ball events, the beautiful Battelle Grand Ballroom will be used. This is in addition to the Regency Ballroom and other areas that are used for events during the week. The Battelle Grand Ballroom is now one of the largest ballrooms in the midwest. We are looking forward to using this fantastic venue for all future Ohio Star Ball competitions.

If you’re planning to attend the Ohio Star Ball on a Package, please contact your studio if you have any questions on tickets, registration, hotels, or pricing. The hotels that are used for our package customers are the Hyatt Regency Columbus and the adjacent Drury Inn Hotel hotels. If you’re a studio or independent teacher/student and have tickets, registration, hotel, or pricing questions, please contact the Ohio Star Ball Registrar using the information on the Contact Us page.

If you are flying in to the Columbus Airport, access to the downtown is a short 10 minute drive from the airport. If you are driving, please click HERE to view a map of the venue location in Columbus, including available hotels in the area, and to request driving instructions.

As far as the layout of the Columbus Convention Center, you can click HERE to view the interior layout of the Columbus Convention Center and the meeting room areas where many of the vendors and other functions/events will be located. Once you arrive at the Columbus Convention Center, you should check into the Registration Desk, which is located in the third floor Regency Foyer area of the Convention Center, right next to the adjacent Hyatt hotel. Please refer to the program schedule or your official Ohio Star Ball program to determine the location of the different Ohio Star Ball dance events for each particular day.

We hope the information provided here will be helpful in your travels to and from Columbus area and during your stay while at the Ohio Star Ball.
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