Tickets & Packages

Delight in the vibrancy of the Ohio Star Ball as a valued spectator. However, due to our commitment to provide an intimate viewing experience, space is limited. Hence, we strongly encourage advance ticket purchases. You can purchase your tickets electronically. Make sure to print your ticket and have in your possession while entering the event.

For ticket pricing details, please refer to the ‘General Admission Tickets’ form on our Registration page. If any queries arise concerning ticket prices, feel free to consult your Teacher/Studio, or reach out to our Registrar via the Contact Us page.

To cater to your needs better, we offer detailed package information within the password-protected ‘All Forms/Information’ document on our Registration page. Again, for any questions on our Packages, you’re invited to speak to your Teacher, Studio, or our Registrar.

Please note, general admission tickets should be acquired in advance, with availability based on space. Friday and Saturday evening sessions in Battelle Hall will offer reserved seating for everyone, while all other sessions, regardless of the venue, won’t guarantee reserved seating for general admission ticket holders. Please bear in mind that tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeableTickets won’t be physically sent out; instead, a confirmation of your purchase will be provided, and the tickets can be collected from our Registration Desk at the event.


To process your bookings, please ensure payments are made in full, either by credit card (subject to a 4% fee), money order, or cashier’s check in US dollars, payable to “OHIO STAR BALL”. Regrettably, we cannot accept personal and studio checks. Payments should accompany all completed entry forms by no later than October 7, 2024. Entries post this date, if accepted, will attract a late fee of $50.00 per person.

If you’re attending the Ohio Star Ball with a Package and need information on tickets, registration, hotels, or pricing, please reach out to your studio. Studio representatives or independent teacher/students can address their queries to our Registrar via the Contact Us page.

For those not on a Package but wish to book a hotel room, please visit our Hotel Reservation page.
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