OSB Event Newsletters

Hello to everyone from the 2021 Ohio Star Ball!

Normally, this page holds daily Event Newsletters (below) during the week of the Ohio Star Ball, but because some people may be directed to this page from some of our promotional materials, we want to give you some updated info about the 2021 Ohio Star Ball.
– We will be updating the OSB web site soon with information about events, registration, package prices, schedule, tickets, etc. Please check back for these updates.
– If you’re not on a Package, you can now make your hotel reservations by calling 614-940-8668. Additional info on 2021 OSB hotel reservations can also be found HERE.
That’s the information we have so far. Again, please check back to our OSB web site or Facebook page for 2021 Ohio Star Ball updates. They will be coming soon.

Ohio Star Ball Event Newsletters

This page will hold all 2021 Ohio Star Ball Event Newsletters that are created during the OSB event week of Nov. 16-21, 2021. Please check back often during this time period to view each day’s newsletter. A new Event Newsletter will created for each day and available for viewing online. If any questions about the content of an Event Newsletter, please see Linda Carpenter at the Registration desk right outside of the Regency Ballroom.

*** When a new Event Newsletter becomes available, it will be shown as a clickable link in blue and underlined.