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Hello to everyone from the 2022 Ohio Star Ball!

For Ticket information, please visit our Tickets page, and for Competitor Entry Forms Registration information, please visit our Registration page. Please check back regularly to this web site and on our Facebook page for any updates or news.

If you’re planning to attend the Ohio Star Ball on a Package, please contact your studio if you have any questions on tickets, registration, hotels, or pricing. If you’re a studio or independent teacher/student and have tickets/registration/hotel/pricing questions, please contact the Ohio Star Ball Registrar using the information on the Contact Us page. Hotel reservation see info below.

For those of you who are not on a Package and would like to reserve a hotel room, please call our Hotel Room Reservation Hotline, 614-940-8668, preferably between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm Eastern time. We will need to know your arrival/departure dates and whether you want Single or Double occupancy.


Ohio Star Ball Email Newsletters

This section will hold a list of some of the email newsletters that were created for the 2022 Ohio Star Ball. Email newsletters are sent out periodically to promote the 2022 Ohio Star Ball. You can subscribe to receive our OSB email newsletters by clicking the Subscribe button in the footer of our web pages (see below), entering your email address in the Sign-up window, then clicking the Submit button./
You can see the web version of the previously sent email newsletters by clicking the highlighted links below. Please check back often to view any newly sent OSB email newsletters.
*** When a new OSB Email Newsletter becomes available, it will be shown below as a clickable link in blue.


-> Nov 02, 2022 Newsletter – UPDATES! OHIO STAR BALL CHAMPIONSHIPS 🏆 Join us and celebrate your success! 🏆

-> Oct 28, 2022 Newsletter – UPDATES & BREAKING NEWS @ OHIO STAR BALL 2022

-> Oct 23, 2022 Newsletter – STILL TIME! JOIN US & DANCE @ OHIO STAR BALL 2022

-> Oct 18, 2022 Newsletter – Still Time! Dance in the Best of the Best! Ohio Star Ball 2022!

-> Oct 12, 2022 Newsletter – 🏆 44th Ohio Star Ball Championships! Let’s Celebrate Your Success!

-> Oct 06, 2022 Newsletter – 💥 Ohio Star Ball Entry Due Date is fast approaching! 💥 Register Today!

-> Oct 03, 2022 Newsletter – BREAKING NEWS💥OHIO STAR BALL 💥 Entry deadline is fast approaching!

-> Oct 01, 2022 Newsletter – 💥OHIO STAR BALL COUNTDOWN!💥Registration Open💥Book Your Hotel

-> Sept 26, 2022 Newsletter – SAM INVITES YOU TO JOIN HIM @ Ohio Star Ball Championships 2022

-> Sept 21, 2022 Newsletter – REGISTRATION & BOOK YOUR HOTEL ROOM – Ohio Star Ball Championships 2022

-> Sept 13, 2022 Newsletter – Make Plans to Join Sam! Ohio Star Ball Championships 2022

-> Sept 05, 2022 Newsletter – Book It Now! Ohio Star Ball Championships 2022

-> Sept 01, 2022 Newsletter – Ohio Star Ball💥Your Ultimate Dancesport Experience💥Of 2022!

-> Aug 25, 2022 Newsletter – Get Ready 💥 Your Ultimate Dancesport Experience Of 2022

-> July 25, 2022 Newsletter – Plan Now 💥 Your Ultimate Dancesport Experience Of 2022!

-> July 10, 2022 Newsletter – Get Ready! Your Ultimate Dancesport Experience Of 2022!