About Ohio Star Ball

Over four decades ago, the Ohio StarBall event took its first steps as a modest one-day showcase, under the insightful guidance of Sam Sodano. Through his unbounded creativity, steadfast bravery, and relentless tenacity, Sam has masterfully evolved this humble beginning into the world’s premier Pro/Am dance competition. Today, his remarkable creation captivates and enthralls dancers worldwide, leaving a lasting impact on the global dance community.


At its heart, Ohio Star Ball upholds its founding principles. We meticulously tailor each competition to accommodate participants across an array of ages and expertise levels, from novices to virtuosos. Our venue radiates an ambiance of warmth and familiarity, extending an inviting welcome to dancers of all backgrounds. Over time, the Ohio Star Ball has flourished into an impressive 6-day spectacle that brings together a team of 70 judges, 3 chairpersons, 3 emcees, 7 scrutineers, 2 DJs, and 9 deck captains, all collaborating in seamless harmony.

With a baseline of 24 competitors in certain single-age categories, and including thrilling first rounds and quarter-finals, Ohio Star Ball runs with the precision of a well-oiled machine. Our commitment to impeccable punctuality means you can count on our schedule down to the last second.

Our scholarship divisions are among the most populated across the country, offering generous prize money, kindly contributed by a mix of public and anonymous sponsors, across all Pro/Am, Amateur, and Junior divisions. Additionally, for those seeking points or national ranking, Ohio Star Ball represents the crowning conclusion of the World Pro-Am DanceSport Series. It also holds esteemed membership in the Dancers Cup Tour, Global DanceSport Series, Dance Vision Circuit, and U.S. DanceSport Series.

With a minimum of 24 competitors in some single age categories with first rounds and quarter finals, the OSB Team runs this event like a well oiled machine with an on time schedule you can set your watch by. Scholarship divisions are the best attended in the nation, with prize money provided in all Pro/Am, Amateur and Junior Divisions by both visible and anonymous patrons. And if you’re dancing for points or national ranking, the Ohio Star Ball is not only the grand finale of the World Pro-Am Dancesport Series, but is also a member of Dancers Cup Tour, Global Dancesport Series, DanceVision Circuit, and U.S. Dancesport Series.


Step into the Battelle Hall Arena to watch the Amateur and Junior competitors dancing by day, and the Open Professional Competitors dancing on Friday and Saturday night. If you are in the mood for a more sport oriented event, then grab some thunder sticks and cheer on your Regional Team for the World Pro/Am Team Match on Thursday night. Need some new shoes, dance wear or other paraphernalia? Go to Level 2 and shop ’til you drop! With over 40 vendors present, you had better bring an empty suitcase with you!

How do you keep track of all this activity? The OSB Team keeps you informed with the Ohio Star Ball Newsletter, which you will find available ONLINE every morning. The Newsletter will recap the results of the previous day’s events, let you know what’s coming up on the schedule, and even give you the dinner menu selected for that night! And while you’re in your room, tune in to Channel 12 and watch “Championship Ballroom Dancing”! With shows dating all the way back to 1984, you’ll get to watch many of today’s Judges and Officials in their competitive days. It’s non-stop dancing 24/7!


Also the World Pro/Am Dancesport Series is pleased to announce a new category, in conjunction with the Fordney Foundation and the Ohio Star Ball, there is now a Junior and Youth Dancesport series. As with the World Pro Am Dancesport Series, the Grand Finale will be held in Ohio with an overall Junior prize purse from the Fordney Foundation Totaling $25,000. The World Pro Am Dancesport Series is excited to continue this venture with the Fordney Foundation. For details about the new Junior and Youth Dancesport series, please go to the Fordney Foundation web site and click on “Youthseries” at the top of the menu.


And finally, we have the Grand Finale of the Best of the Best Challenge. The qualified Pro/Am winners from many events throughout the year will battle it out for Top Honors!

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