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*** 2023 Competitor Standard Registration is now open! Please see the Latest News section (above) for the announcement that 2023 Entry Registration forms are now available.

*** 2023 Ohio Star Ball Collegiate Challenge registration info provided closer to the event start, please check back. If there are any questions about registration for the 2023 Ohio Star Ball Collegiate Challenge, please contact the Collegiate Registrar, Amanda Ashcraft, at osbcollegiatechallenge@gmail.com.

***  SPECTATORS! - Event tickets should be purchased ahead of time because of limited space. Ticket prices are listed on our General Admission form. Mailed in orders for Spectator tickets must be received by Nov. 1, 2023. When at the event, you may also purchase Spectator tickets at our Registration desk right outside of the Regency Ballroom.

Tickets, Competitor Registration, and Hotel Reservations!

For Ticket information, please visit our Tickets page, and for Competitor Entry Forms Registration information, please visit our Registration page. Please check back regularly to this web site and on our Facebook page for any updates or news.

If you're planning to attend the Ohio Star Ball on a Package, please contact your studio if you have any questions on tickets, registration, hotels, or pricing. If you're a studio or independent teacher/student and have tickets/registration/hotel/pricing questions, please contact the Ohio Star Ball Registrar using the information on the Contact Us page.

Hotel reservation

For those of you who would like to reserve a hotel room at a discounted rate, a new downloadable Hotel Reservation Form is now available. Please click ->HERE<- to view details on how to fill out and submit this form, which is located under the "Event Info" menu item above.