Tickets & Schedule – Tickets/Packages

  • Ticket pricing information is provided in the “General Admission and Dance Camp Tickets” form on our Registration page. If you have any questions on Ticket Pricing, either check with your Teacher/Studio, or contact the Ohio Star Ball Registrar using the info on the Contact Us page.
  • For additional Tickets info, please click “Tickets” button above. For Package info, please click “Packages” button above.


Per Session Price, meals not included:

  • Tuesday $30.00
  • Wednesday Morning & Afternoon $20.00
  • Wednesday Evening $30.00
  • Thursday Morning & Afternoon $20.00
  • Thursday Evening $30.00
  • Friday Morning & Afternoon $20.00
  • Friday Evening – Long sides, $85.00, after Nov. 1st $100
  • Friday Evening – Short Sides $75.00, after Nov. 1st $90
  • Saturday Morning & Afternoon $20.00
  • Saturday Evening – Long sides, $85.00, after Nov. 1st $100
  • Saturday Evening – Short sides, $75.00, after Nov. 1st $90
  • Saturday Evening After Hours Party $30.00
  • Sunday $30.00

All general admission tickets should be purchased in advance and will be sold pending the availability of space. Friday evening and Saturday evening in Battelle Hall will be reserved seating for everyone. All other sessions whether in the Regency Ballroom or Battelle Hall will not be reserved or guaranteed seating to general admission tickets holders. Tickets are non-refundable or exchangeable. All TICKET ORDERS MUST BE received by November 1, 2018 in order to complete the request. After that date you can purchase tickets at the door, if they are available. Tickets will not be sent out, you will receive a confirmation for your order and you can pick up the tickets outside the ballroom when you arrive at the event.

Please send payment in full by money order or cashier’s check in US currency made payable to “OHIO STAR BALL”. Personal and studio check will be returned. Payment must accompany all completed forms for entries no later then October 7, 2018. Entries received after that date, if accepted, will be subject to a $50.00 per person late fee. Ohio Star Ball P, O. Box 14442 Columbus, Ohio 43214 (614) 848-7827.

If you’re planning to attend the Ohio Star Ball on a Package, please contact your studio if you have any questions on tickets, registration, hotels, or pricing. If you’re a studio or independent teacher/student and have tickets/registration/hotel/pricing questions, please contact the Ohio Star Ball Registrar using the information on the Contact Us page.

For those of you who are not on a Package and would like to reserve a hotel room, please call our Hotel Room Reservation Hotline, . We will need to know your arrival/departure dates and whether you want Single or Double occupancy. To see a list of nearby hotels in the downtown Columbus area, please click ->HERE<-.

DANCE CAMP TICKETS (if not on package) Each day there will be 3-45 minute sessions. When they are known, the list of instructors will be given on Ohio Star Ball Home page and are tentative and subject to change.

  • Friday 2:00-4:15 $60.00
  • Saturday 2:00-4:15 $60.00